Monday, April 04, 2005

Schizophenic kitchen

I was in my kitchen, looking for retro food. I looked around and thought,

is that it?


No. That's not food.

Is that it?

My new red necklace

No that's not food?

Is that it?

oranges and lemons

No. That IS food but not retro.

I think that retro food is food connected to a particular time frame, that you associate with that time. It was fashionable then, but is not so now.

Is that it?

kitchen cupboard

No, that's not retro. It IS associated with a particular time ... but it is food of now, of the moment. Not as much as this, but nevertheless, it is part of the Mediterraneon genre, of oils, rich tomatoes, balsamic, olives etc etc.

Is that it?

kitchen cupboard

YES!! That's it. This is the food of kitchen's past .... Food that reminds you of dippy egg and bread and butter soldiers. Of tapioca pudding with a blob of jam in the middle. Of cheese pie and Cadbury's smash.

And if you really want to taste the past, then go here and here.


It is not just the cupboards in my kitchen which are schizophrenic ...
Schizophrenic feet


Kate said...

Dr Joolz has neatly arrived at a working definition of retro through her exploration of her domestic terrain.
For me, retro food is nicely ecapsulated in Nigel Slater's 'Toast', which describes a childhood of Curley Wirlies, and Heinz Salad cream.
Another retro book is Meera Syal's 'Anita and Me' which does rum baba and vegetable curry, and then there is Andrea Levey's 'Small Island' which does chips and rice and peas, and then, over to the US, there is New Orleans and Soul Food.
Retro food is complex and carries with it traces of cultural identities and sedimented habitus (oh yes I am being academic).
This is why Dr Joolz is so clever with her blog.

Joolz said...

AHa oh yes. Anita and me. And also 'Behind the scenes at a museum'. So evocative of my childhood days. (Triang bikes and stuf, too.)
There is a rice pudding restaurant in New York, and in London, apparently cockles are making a comeback, but this time to chic. (Can't see it taking onmyself) And in the North? Well, again, an upmarket version of mushy peas and mint sauce is becoming 'the thing.'
God, I love this cultural studies stuff. So moreish.

Trois TĂȘtes said...

'Sedimented habitus' sounds pretentious to me, and I should know

naomi said...

Toast and Small Island is good retro but the best retro is behind the scenes for me. But when is retro? Is it our childhood or is it that bit in the late 1970s when we (people my age that is) made coq au vin and black forest gateau? and of course always made our own bread! pretentious? moi? there's also that other political bit that makes me not shop at Tesco.

NYCbeauty said...

Retro food: I think of Jiffy Muffin mix and the old Spam can.

Marmite...tried that once with a South African friend. Can't say I have the taste for it. But this American will try it once again.

As for the socks, that's my life.

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