Sunday, April 03, 2005

Pink is the colour of passivity?

A person here thinks so, but I do not.

And these sparkley brooches do not offend me - though tis better to get them from ebay.

The thing is, you can still be a feminist and enjoy being female.
And if you think we got a patriarchy cos men wear suits I am sorry but it is a little more complicated than that.

HOWEVER. If you wear clothes that make you feel disempowered then you are disempowered.
If you wear clothes that make you feel like you are a sex object, (and you do not want to be one), wear different clothes.

I think that to dress as a post-feminist you dress according to what helps you carry on your life as you want to.
If people objectify you in a way which you do not want, then this is them doing wrong, not your clothes.

Just one more point before I go .. I think it is a quite powerful thing to do, to dress in a sassy, feminine way, to act assertively and intelligently, and show that being a woman is a multi dimensional (not to mention wonderful) thing.


Carrie from Sex and the City is a case in point who one minute is in an uptown chic suit, next thing dressed , well, sexily. And that image of her writing, using her aptly named Apple Powerbook in every show, is her, writing out her life, being subject not object, and very powerful indeed.
And I think that is all I have to say about post-feminist fashion.


Kate said...

Thank-you Dr Joolz for this lead. I have now got to musing about post feminist music. Lucinda Williams, a favourite singer of mine, does 'alt country' and she sings about 'Only Girls Carry Blankets and Sparkley Rhinestones'.
I think she is being ironic.
The ultimate post feminist rock star was ofcourse Madonna but she has gone off a bit and has come over all Camilla Parker Bowles
(oh no, royal stuff)
Dr Joolz can we have a posting on post feminist music?

Joolz said...

God!! Post feminist music.
That may be v hard.

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