Thursday, April 21, 2005

Just 2 more little digs at

narrow minded blatantly racist politicians ..


Thanks to Jackie for the tip off and to Paul Speller for the Art work


I guess I should explain as this is all getting a bit parochial and unfair on international readers ... all these digs are at the Tory party and they have a big thing about not letting foreigners swarming into the country and taking over .. you know, steaing our jobs etc?
The sinking ship is The Belgrano - Maggie Thatcher ordered it to be blown up during the squabble over The Falklands in 1982. The ship had turned back away from the forbidden waters but she wantedit bombed anyway.

So that's the story ... it is as balanced as I can manage.


Kate said...

Its brilliant. Keep it rolling Dr Joolz.
But regular fans also are v. interested in the relationship between place and text. Or place as text. This profound thought is something this commenter is just struggling with and would appreciate more insights on.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! The odd thing is, we have the same problem here in Sweden -- that is, with politicians claiming that foreign workers will come here and destroy the welfare state, etc. The key difference is that in the UK it's the Tories pushing that line, but here in Sweden, it's the ruling Social Democrats who are holding fast to the idea that additional labor migrants aren't necessary.

Joolz said...

Every country is so paranoid isn't it? I sometimes think British politicians believe our country will sink into the sea if more people come.
The fact of the matter here is that we have a shortage of employees in a great many areas - medicine for example, as well as in industry and teaching, in certain areas of the country.
There is an acute shortage of plumbers, electricians and the like .. but people still seem t insist that migrants are taking our jobs.
Very strange indeed.

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