Sunday, April 17, 2005

I can't remember if

I showed everyone this

It helps you go on a little trip.

I like the idea of 'found' items ... and I s'pose the day I did my post with this and this , I was showing 'found' objects.
I also loved the shopping list site ...

Today was very exciting for me as I suddenly remembered I have a hotmail account ansd when I looked in my inbox I had 85 messages!!! Lots of it was rubbish, but some were e mails from people who have been reading my blog!! God. Am going to check much more often from now on.

And from tomorrow aim to have more ineteresting posts on my blog as have been a bit dull lately.
Sorry everyone.

I will try and HOT THINGS UP - maybe by trying to take a photo of someone riding naked through the middle of Sheffield.

Mad about riding

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Kate said...

We want more found objects preferably from Oxfam shops in Sheffield.
Does Dr Joolz have any researchy thoughts on this?
We should be told.

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