Sunday, April 10, 2005

Being a tourist

in your own town is amazingly interesting .. so I discovered when ...

TT and I walked round the area of Sheffield that was the old Steel works.

The steel industy is what Shefield used to be famous for ..



but now most of the factories and foundaries are closed down and either derelict,


which some people think is completely


but times must move on and many places are undergoing development

Demolition in Sheffield

Urban development

or have been developed.


Some places are pretty fab.

It were reet sunny and reet interesting on our walk.

When we came to a fork in the road ...

Fork in the road


it was sometimes hard to make a decision.

It was clear that on account of the good weather lots of


had decided to get some action.

Sheffield flats

When I saw THIS duo, (below) I hoped the same person had not flung them down. But we do start young in Sheffield.


I have called this piece 'addiction'.


Kate said...

I think Dr Joolz is turning into a visual artist, much like the person who photographed everything they found on a street in York ( A book for loosing in the street).
Also, she is signalling that South Yorkshire has a past which involves manufacturing industries and now has to re-invent intself in terms of heritage tourism.
This ofcourse is fantastically interesting and can easily be incoporated into a research project.
And ofcourse Monica Heller has done so in Ontario Canada.
We hope Dr Joolz will now do the same in Sheffield.

Joolz said...

Oh yes. It is true I am becoming a visual artist.
Which is partly what am writing about for UKLA.


Dark Dorothy said...

...hoped the same person had not flung them down...

Funny! That made me laugh out loud

ransom said...

love the "addiction" piece

Joolz said...

Am so pleased to hear that Dark Dorothy and Ransom Queen appreciate 'addiction'. I must admit I think this is funny and thought it most re-miss that others had not spotted the genius in the composition..
Thank God for my friends over the water .

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