Monday, April 25, 2005


I was not even wondering who to vote for, but did this quiz anyway.
Am shocked to see I was nearly a lib dem.

Who Should You Vote For?

Who should I vote for?

Your expected outcome:


Your actual outcome:

     Labour 56
Conservative -51     
     Liberal Democrat 52
UK Independence Party -38     
     Green 20

You should vote: Labour

The Labour Party is broadly pro-Europe and takes a strong line in favour of all anti-terrorism measures, and of course supported the war in Iraq. Labour is against explicit increases in income tax to fund public services and against the abolition of university tuition fees, but has pledged to reintroduce maintenance grants for students.

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Anya said...

I did the test too and I AM a liberal democrat but I don't even know what that means *laugh*

Joolz said...

Well the lib dems have never been in government; it is a relatively new party I suppose and so people often tend to think of it as a bit of a soft option, maybe even a wasted vote. Often voters will be tactical and vote lib dem in order to keep a particular party out of power. People often say that the policies are just a half way house, neither labour or conservative - a bit wishy washy. Ofcourse my view is just a teensy bit biased!

Kate said...

Oh my god.
Am a Liberal Democrat.
Am in shock.
Hate Charles Kennedy think he is a total twerp.

cityB said...

So Am I (67%) follwed by Green, followed by Labour. Just call me Ms Wishy-Wash.

Joolz said...

Have decided the quiz is rigged.
Don't worry everyone I know you are all raving socialists.

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