Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Keeping it real



This is Cardinal Rap-singer.

And now more on a German theme ...
I have always enjoyed the special frisson of 'Schadenfreude'.
I find I experience it in particular when watching those reality tv programmes where people do daft things like, try and set up a business in France when they don't speak a word of French. I, like the rest of the nation I presume, sit with my arms folded, smug expression on my face, watching the idiots have the smile wiped off their faces.

But today I was told of a new concept ... 'Gluckweh', literally, 'Luck pain'.
But it is the word which sums up how fed up you might feel when something fabulous happens to someone and you are eaten up with jealousy. This is not a nice feeling at all.

Perhaps that is how the other cardinals felt when the Rapsinger got voted in. (Although of course, they would pretend otherwise.)


Kate said...

The thing I like best is when the people lose all their money. This is brilliant fun. My favourite versons of this were 'No Going Back' which was about a couple who bought a French Chateau and they lost LOTS of money and also John Burton Race and his restaurant and the cashflow is tight.

Joolz said...

Aha yes I liked that one best but could not remember the name of the tv programme.
However am aghast that you did not comment on my hilarious joke about Rap - SINGER.

Kate said...

Bloody hell I missed it must rush and LOOK

Kate said...

Yes it is v. v. funny and good.
But I blanked this guy out so I didn't notice the joke as I am SO CROSS they did not elect a woman Pope. Were there no candidates?

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