Friday, April 08, 2005

Some people

are mentioned everywhere.
kate was here and here today.

And Anya gets a mention here for this post as well as being here .


Kate said...

Thank god
We are ubiquitous.
But Anya is terrific and I really love her blog too.

Anya said...

*blush* well thank you hehehehe
And you are both fabulous too! I must go and blog about the beauty of making female friends online or the power of online social networking... or something like that!

Joolz said...

Yes I think it is fantastic the way the Internet is working like this; groups are proliferating everywhere. I love being in or gang it gives me so much to think about. It is like coming to a pool to drink.
If you look on Flickr there are so many exciting groups .... I have finally decided on my next online group for research and it is definitely Flickr people. (but will not e dropping any of my other pasions of course)

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