Wednesday, August 31, 2005


to put together a presentation ..

so am having a ....


trying to get some.....


for a conference with some very big thinkers such as:

Margaret Mackey

Why not SEARCH INSIDE her book, 'Playing the Text' at Amazon's invitation?

So talented!!

We have so many good cooks in the group.
Molly has made this:


She is so good she put it here:


But now .... it is all gone.
This is what you missed:


Many thanks to Molly's press officer, photographer and mother for supplying up-to-date information.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

English Bank holiday

Sunday. I know that I am the envy of many of my friends as I get to go places they don't.
Sunday was no different when my devoted husband whisked me away to Cleethorpes.

It was fabulous.
There is this quintessential English working class thing at a lot of seaside resorts that I adore. The place was filled with families - Mums and /or Dads, bins, (bin lids - kids) and Grandparents. They were walking about, riding donkeys, having snacks. Just chilling.

And everyone I spoke to was nice - I have a habit of talking to people I don't know. It has always been OK so far.

So here is the illustrated tour:


This illustration was a misleading welcome since we saw no ladies like that; it was not a scorcher; the newspapers were not called The Bum.... but there were men in deckchairs with hankies on their heads. (Perhaps they were hoping to see ladies like the one depicted here.)

There were a number of bargains available:


and this woman seems to have got lucky at the arcade.


(Or else there is a very miserable kid somewhere.)

Obviously the weather was bracing and we worked up an unhealthy appetite. We had the choice of a zillion fish and chip shops and restaurants. We went upmarket and chose the latter:


but could not quite face the bread and butter.

We were off out again after that, and amongst other things feasted our mincepies on this lot:


Eeeeee additives

Never to fly again

We were pleased to see the 21st century addition of Rokia phones in the repertoire:


The day ended ecstatically, when the melody of 'This is the way to Amarillo' rang out across the seafront. Troistetes could not help himself, but to march a la Peter Kay along the prom. I was so proud (not to say relieved as no one yelled out 'Oy Slaphead!!' as has been known on other occasions.


We went home tired but happy.
Can't say fairer than that. (And next year, I swear, TT will bring a hanky to put on his head.)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Set it up

Set it up
Originally uploaded by Burps Liberty.
The girls get digital. I reckon you should click on the photo, select 'different sizes',(on the right, in blue) then 'original size' and then see what the girls are wearing.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Delusions of grandeur.

Mmmmm. All gone now.


Doesn't look as good as this or this
But it remains just as bad for you.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I think everyone could learn a little something from Mr Best.

Get over there now kids!!HERE.

Fun blog

I found this blog which has all sorts of ideas for getting commenters to interact.

I really like that idea; I think I am going to write an article about back channelling - as suggested to me by JM about a week ago. Funnily enough, she is a very rare commenter, preferring to either talk to me about my blog or to send me e mails. For example she was the one with whom I talked about ethics and photography. Anyway, I digress.
I am simply announcing that I am going to write about the role of commenters. OMG I bet that will put you off visiting now!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

chocolate lovers

chocolate lovers
Originally uploaded by candytrash.
Yes. I know other chocolate lovers.

Flick Off

Is the lovely creative commons of the Internet a total myth?

Iregular Girl e mailed and told me I should tell Flickr to Flick off.

It seems that there is big monopoly stuff going on. Irregular Girl's message went like this:

Well it looks like the fine folks at flickr pulled a Bush and sold us out faster and harder then I could have imagined. Remember when they mocked our concerns with a funny little flickr logo surrounded with other corporate logo's? Do you remember when they assured us that NOTHING would change (except of course the omni present yahoo family logo)?

I for one, refuse to become a corporate whore. If you do not believe that it's such a bad thing, I highly suggest you read what they did to Geocities...,1283,20518,00.html

I'm jumping this sinking ship lest i be dragged down by the undertoe of greed. seriously.

Here is the info re Geocities and Yahoo (who own Flickr now).

Sounds serious.
What does it all mean??

Am I a corporate whore?

Summer days

Just when we had all nearly forgotten about Dylan and her award winning vlog, I visited her again.

She has this.

Kids, eh?

This is one of my fave posts of hers. (Use it to comfort people with low self esteem.)

Victoria Beckham

won't be interested in this .

Because she does not like reading.

(Cheers to Naomi for the second link.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Catchy Colours

Wonderful blog with loads of wonderful pictures. Updated daily.

Before you go though, here are two from me



sticky pink



These are advertised as Freedom bags.

There is a full range.

Hanging out with the big kids

Originally uploaded by Avant Game.
can make you feel you are one of them ... until there is trouble.

Last Saturday I was inspired to cavort with Trois tetes and to join in with a bit of
collective gaming.

We put photos of our antics here, all part of the re-shelving project started by Avant Game here and here.

Now all was well and fine, especially enjoying the notriety of Boing Boing and Howard Rheingold's infamous sites. Even the librarians have been joining in.

But hey!!

Some people have turned nasty and I have realised that when you play with the bigger kids, you may hear rude words. And maybe you will feel that what was a game, is in fact VERY SERIOUS. I should have listened to my Mum and kept 'well away.'

Although, I think she also might say that Chris Applegate is only jealous.

(His argument does start to show chinks I think when he seems to be saying that Jane is too scared to use rude words.)

Anyway let me know if you think we should all keep 'well away.'
This is all very good material for a piece on play and blogging.

Monday, August 22, 2005

New toy



Summer in the city

The beach came to Shefield over the weekend and I managed to capture the madness and the sweetness of the English when they suddenly have the combination of sunshine, entertainments and a splash of water.






(Having the 'photo ethics' debate in my mind I was quite careful to protect people's identities, unless they gave me permission to steal their souls.)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I know

you like Multi modal fun.


Go here to make one of these covers in Flickr.

I already told you

about the Ministry of Re-shelving here

Important work, re-allocating incorrectly shelved copies of 1984 by George Orwell, from fiction to non-fiction.

I have supported a member of the Ministry in this important work.
Photographic evidence here.
The importance of this work can never be over-stated.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Getting up close


'Just Looking'

This is what I say if someone says 'Can I help You? when I am in a shop
It means, 'I am not doing any harm. I might buy, but I know I am allowed to look, but I won't touch, nor harm anything.'

I also am allowed in public, to wonder, look at people. I know though, it is rude to stare and I guess I learned that when I was knee-high to a grasshopper.

Taking a photograph could be construed as 'just Looking' But really in taking a permanent image, you are allowing yourself to look closer later, to scrutinise and inspect. And the subject of your gaze will be examined out of context. They will not know when you look, how you look, or what you think.

I was having a little chat today about ethics and taking photos.

Obviously when later in the day my daughter brought this site to my attention I was shocked. Some people clearly think it is funny to put STUFF ON CATS and then take photos. (Actually I think this is very funny; that is the point of the site. It is absurd humour - whatever that means.)

When I took this photo in Vienna, no one was harmed and I was careful to check it was permitted to take photos.


Moreover, this pigeon definitely knew I was taking his photo and posed for a while turning his head this way and that for me.


This lady dressed in blue was flirting with the bee outrageously ... really putting out for him I thought - but we all knew they were doing it for the camera:


Here I opted for the 'still life' as a preliminary


before asking the artist for permission to photograph her working:


And she gave her consent.

(Here is another piece of art from the same location by the canal in Vienna:)


I confess that I have taken more and more photos without asking permission. And these are often the photos that I might use on my blog or put on Flickr. Funnily enough though, I would not use photos for my research wthout absolute consent, and I also draw the line at photographing kids without asking parents first or making it so that they cannot be recognised... I feel should not breach that taboo.

However I have begun to take more and more photos that I thought in the past I would not. This discussion on Flickr is really interesting. Although of course, in this debate we see the folks who are thinking about ethics. Many will not ever have thought about the issues, I imagine. Across the expanse of Flickr we see pictures of the public absolutely everywhere and it is possible that some photographers have never thought about ethics, while others of them might always ask permission of their subjects. Maybe, like me, they are operating a shifting code of conduct that is changing in seeming pace with digital times.

Because the boundaries of Internet and meatspace are blurring, is it becoming that as one discussant on Flickr says ' If you dare to go out in public, then you should recognise that the public space might mean you are being photographed.'

What do you folks all think? Are we now living in a world where it is so easy for anyone to take a photograph, the common-placeness of it means it is less potent? Less dangerous? Has it ever been dangerous?

Come on people ,

Let's have a heated debate.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hog Heaven

Originally uploaded by deborah lattimore.
Best not let Simply Clare's Martin see these two.

The Ministry of Re-shelving : A game? Not a game?

I have come across this important project here .
Indeed Jane McGonigal is about to be a New Best Friend. (I will stalk her.)

She is very interested in ONLINE GAMES. Her website AVANT GAME is:

among other things: pervasive play, immersive gaming, collective intelligence, distributed performance, massively collaborative, network culture, urban computing, viral art, performance studies, mobile social networks, site-specific, alternate reality gaming, apophenia, collective aesthetics, massively scaled, mixed reality, superhero culture, and Jane McGonigal.

Do you see?
We need her in our space.
She is a games researcher and games designer.
And a girl.

The Re-shelving thing involves this: (Nowhere is safe from the Ministry of Reshelving.)

3. Go to the bookstore and locate its copies of George Orwell's 1984. Unless the Ministry of Reshelving has already visited this bookstore, it is probably currently incorrectly classified as "Fiction" or "Literature."
4. Discreetly move all copies of 1984 to a more suitable section, such as "Current Events", "Politics", "History", "True Crime", or "New Non-Fiction."

5. Insert a Ministry of Reshelving bookmark into each copy of any book you have moved. Leave a notecard in the empty space the books once occupied.

6. If you spot other incorrectly classified books, feel free to relocate them.

Further instructions are available here:

(via smartmobs)

Relevance: cool example of re-claiming ownership over knowledge territories through marking and artefact re-arrangement.

Technorati tags: flickr, avantgame, reshelving

Check out the links on this post.

No time like the present.

army hairpit

army hairpit
Originally uploaded by Madge Webb.
I identify with this too.

The Ageing Process


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Secret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez

see inside The Secret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez, courtesy of Amazon

Sorry but.

Why would you want to put a fake blog in a book?

I am scared that someone will choose this book as a class reader and then get the class to keep a fake blog in their exercise books.
Do not let this happen.
Please write to your MP.

Thank you.

if:book: when blogs band together - a new hybrid form

if:book: when blogs band together - a new hybrid form

Sarah posted about this article and has an interesting couple of comments on her post too. Sarah is very good at bringing interesting things to my attention - cheers to her for this.

Check out the info on hybrid forms of blogging.


will not stay hidden:


English Teaching: Practice and Critique

English Teaching: Practice and Critique [ISSN 1175 8708]

Thanks To Jackie Marsh for telling me about this excellent journal. Go to 'current journal' and see the wonderful array of online articles for all us techie literate types!!

Iran executes gay teenagers - OutRage!

Iran executes gay teenagers - OutRage!

I am shocked by this report which I picked up from Chris Best's blog. I am naive at the best of times but had no idea of this stuff happening.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


pictures from the magical city of Edinburgh. I really enjoyed watching the people as so many seemed really interesting ...

I actually stalked this Pretty in Pink superhero out of a cafe I was in, as I wanted to see if her mac would swing behind her as she walked. It did.


This woman I fell in love with ... I spotted her from afar, hanging things from a home-made 'tree' - flowers, pink shoes, feathers, beads, plates of fancy cakes. I went to see her after I took her photo to see if she was OK about that ... she was happy about it. She asked me to pick something frm her tree. Of course I chose the pink shoes. She hung them round my neck, sat me down on a white chair and sang me a song. Her song told me my dreams would come true. I think I was in love with the pink dream lady. And I know you would have been too.


Later we went to see an open air film; there were people doing face painting, plaiting hair with ribbons and stuff. It was lovely.




On the way back to our hotel, we saw a woman in red. I call this picture 'Everything but the girl.'


(I want to be on holiday forever.)

Monday, August 15, 2005

A few from the zoo..

Vienna zoo was a a feast for the budding photgrapher's eyes .. that means me.

Here are a few glimpses..

baby bear


s- neck

And there were lots of birds flying about in general ...


Sunday, August 14, 2005


was fantastic.
No time for a full report at the moment .. but here is a hint of the transgressives that populated the city ...

On first glance he appeared every inch a good Scottish lad. But behind his back ...


Although it was not raining much, many folks were well prepared:


And here were The Weather Girls:


(But it was NOT raining men - Halleluyah!)

And finally, I felt safe as the cops were about - and even finding time to shop:


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