Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Flick Off

Is the lovely creative commons of the Internet a total myth?

Iregular Girl e mailed and told me I should tell Flickr to Flick off.

It seems that there is big monopoly stuff going on. Irregular Girl's message went like this:

Well it looks like the fine folks at flickr pulled a Bush and sold us out faster and harder then I could have imagined. Remember when they mocked our concerns with a funny little flickr logo surrounded with other corporate logo's? Do you remember when they assured us that NOTHING would change (except of course the omni present yahoo family logo)?

I for one, refuse to become a corporate whore. If you do not believe that it's such a bad thing, I highly suggest you read what they did to Geocities...,1283,20518,00.html

I'm jumping this sinking ship lest i be dragged down by the undertoe of greed. seriously.

Here is the info re Geocities and Yahoo (who own Flickr now).

Sounds serious.
What does it all mean??

Am I a corporate whore?


Mary Plain said...

The info from your link looks like Yaho backed down pretty fast. Could it all be an overreaction by the geocities gang or am I hopelessly naive? I really don't see you as a corporate whore, Dr Joolz.

Joolz said...

Oh thank heavens you don't Mary Plain.

Yes a few people I spoke to since writing this thinks Irregular girl has over reacted. Thank heavens I do not have to make a moral decision.

Mary Plain said...

Yes, moral decisions are hard on Thursday evenings. I need a bright Monday morning for such lofty matters, not Thursday after Catherine Tate. Am I bothered? Do I look bothered?

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