Thursday, August 25, 2005


I think everyone could learn a little something from Mr Best.

Get over there now kids!!HERE.


Chris Best said...

Haha - that was quick! Thanks.

Joolz said...

Mon plasir. Have ranted on your religion post.

Mary Plain said...

Could cut the PGCE by around 30 weeks if we just showed them this on day 1? (Don't tell the TTA!) And I agree that the random acts of kindness one is particularly excellent. In fact i think I shall go and post about such acts!

Simply Clare said...

Can you perform another less random act of kindness and explain what Zanga is please? When I went to the link, there was a man with his hand in his underpants at the top of the page - but when I refreshed he had disappeared. Is this to do with Zanga? I think I need to know!

Chris Best said...

hahaha no no noooo... They are my magically randomly changing headers... Xanga is similar to blogger - a platform for people who want to have a blogging account. sp@rcOz on the otherhand is me :-)

As for the boy with his hand down his pants its not me, but it was a friend in brisbane Australia outside a club one night. I took all those photos, although they will all too soon, be replaced with new ones - episode III of course!

Joolz said...

Look please don't be friends with that rude boy.
He should not put his hand down there ...

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