Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So talented!!

We have so many good cooks in the group.
Molly has made this:


She is so good she put it here:


But now .... it is all gone.
This is what you missed:


Many thanks to Molly's press officer, photographer and mother for supplying up-to-date information.


Chris Best said...

Oh wow - when can I come and visit?? can you make me a cake like that too??

Joolz said...

I found the recipe here:

But I happen to know that Molly got the recipe from Nigella. (Her Mum told me.)

Joolz said...
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Mary Plain said...

wow, it looks so good I am going to have to go and do some baking right now.

Anya said...

*groan* I want one!!!! It's my birthday in two days time and none of my friends are in Sydney right now so I will be sitting at home all lonely and could do with a fabulous chocolate feast!!!!!!!!

Joolz said...

OOOOh Anya!!

Will you be able to celebrate with ANYONE??
If not we will have to arrange a cyber party.
I am sure we can do it!

Kate said...

I am going to cook ANOTHER chocolate malteser cake for Anya so she can have one.
I will have to think hard about shipping though.
Any ideas gang?

Kate said...

Molly says she really wants to eat it now.

Joolz said...

I think she should

Anya said...

I would *love* a cyber party!! I have both of my brothers visiting me next week and we will go out and celebrate together one evening... and when my best friend returns from work overseas in China we will also go out and celebrate, but as for the actual day, tomorrow, all I have planned is a sleep-in, no work, a visit to the laundarette and maybe I will cook myself some roast chicken or something yummy. I will come visit tomorrow and leave you lots of comments til I get a response, how about that? *grin*

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