Wednesday, August 31, 2005


to put together a presentation ..

so am having a ....


trying to get some.....


for a conference with some very big thinkers such as:

Margaret Mackey

Why not SEARCH INSIDE her book, 'Playing the Text' at Amazon's invitation?


guy said...

This is a cracker of a post. That combination of visual and verbal...and the visual is verbal, too. If this is a foretaste of your presentation, then I for one can't wait!

Joolz said...

Are you joking me?

guy said..., no I'm serious. However, I'm finding your comments box really slow to load, I have to open another browser window so I can do something else at the same time. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem?

Chris Best said...

no problems here

Joolz said...

Cheers Guy for kind words. Please call again ... but hope comments opens quuicker next time ..

Chris Best said...

Hi DrJoolz, this is not related to your current post but it does reflect something you wrote on some time in the last week or so.

You touched on the whole influence of commenting within people's blogs. One of my daily reads actually just posted on a similar topic. I'm not sure if it holds much relevance to you, but no harm in trying.

About a month ago he suddenly shut down his blog unexpectedly, and in the last two weeks or so reappeared with a brand new blog. His explanation is kind of strange, but intriguing nonetheless.


Joolz said...

Chris that is SO fascinating. Thanks fr telling me about it... incredible I think.

Kate said...

I WISH I was at your presentation which is NOW.
I am sure it will be brilliant also the wonderful JM on play and Winicott.
However, I have some good news.
I am being ALLOWED OUT.
I am going to BAAL!
(British Association of Applied Linguistics) where there is a great Special theme on Creativity and Play and Language as well as the wonderful Multimodality SIG oh yes.
So I no longer feel like Cinderella and I will go the BAAL. (Yes this is funny).

Joolz said...

I think it is very funny too Dear Doctor kate.

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