Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Victoria Beckham

won't be interested in this .

Because she does not like reading.

(Cheers to Naomi for the second link.)


Chris Best said...

I really don't like Victoria - she is talentless and purely only sticking by her man David because she knows that without him, she is nothing. tut tut to her I say.
David, on the other hand has it all going for him. Just when will he get rid of that handbag Vic?

Joolz said...

Ha ha Chris.
Well I think David is HOT.
And VB does not impress me at all with her pouting.
I do not mind that she does not read books.

Mary Plain said...

Another thing we agree about. David is not only hot but brighter (at least as regards football) than people generally allow. There is a fascinating book about Sven G-E and his leadership style which makes it clear that DB has a good grasp of strategy ( shame about that friendly result!).
I heard about the booksharing website on Radio4 today while icing cakes and was about to post on it myself, no need now! At work we have a low tech version- a box in the staff common room which anyone can add to or take from. Works pretty well.

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