Monday, August 22, 2005

Summer in the city

The beach came to Shefield over the weekend and I managed to capture the madness and the sweetness of the English when they suddenly have the combination of sunshine, entertainments and a splash of water.






(Having the 'photo ethics' debate in my mind I was quite careful to protect people's identities, unless they gave me permission to steal their souls.)


Simply Clare said...

I love these shots - particularly the fountains one. Beeeuooootiful. And all this came to Sheffield. Who needs to live in Devon?

lucy pepper said...

dear soul stealer, love the one of the little boy in the water.

who needs to live in Devon? ME!!!!!! (where I come from... wanna go back one day)

Joolz said...

Glad yu enjoyed the beach shots!!

I was so pleased with the fountains one I had to squash the rst of my blog page out round the sides.
D'you know what? I have never been to Devon but think I might go next year as my daughter has a friend down there she wants me to take her to visit ...
I'll get photos Vitriolica.

Simply Clare said...

Vitriolica - where in Devon are you from? I am a recent immigrant from Surrey. I have been here for 12 years, but am still treated as a newbie at times.

Pearl said...

Great sunny photos. So cheery.

kenny said...

Hi there - like your blog, really like your photo of
the beach with the little flags

and so I would like to ask your permission to use it on my blog,

ok, so I've posted it already, but I felt it would be polite to get your formal approval, as well putting in a link back to your site - don't want to break your copyright!

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