Friday, August 26, 2005

Delusions of grandeur.

Mmmmm. All gone now.


Doesn't look as good as this or this
But it remains just as bad for you.


Simply Clare said...

Grandmother enjoyed the fruitcake -and Nigella's quick victoria sponge with blackcurrant jam and butter icing was damn fine too. Have been running this morning to work off excessive calories!

Mary Plain said...

this one looks great to me! my cakes now all boxed up ready to go. The wedding is tomorrow- will do pics in situ! About to go and try my dress on and see if I can stil get into it. Last worn for nephew's wedding two years ago.

Chris Best said...

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Joolz said...

OK good luck with the dress Mary Plain. Don'tforget toleave a gap for cakey.

Kate said...

GOsh you are all so SWEET and cakey.
I want some of Dr Joolz' and feel quite ill with cake deprivation.

Joolz said...

Frankly I am very greedy as have stopped going to the gym and been eating lots of BAD things.Do NOT follow my example Kate.

Kate said...

Molly and I made the chocolate Malteser cake (Nigella Lawson Feast) it was v. v good but now I feel sick.
You have forgotton you are v. v. thin Dr Joolz.
Yes it is true.

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