Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hog Heaven

Originally uploaded by deborah lattimore.
Best not let Simply Clare's Martin see these two.


Mary Plain said...

so frustrating as I have a pic like this from my Black Country Day Out ( as described in the bearpit) which I can't post..

Simply Clare said...

Aaahhh Dr Joolz, you have made me chuckle tonight. Martin has just limped away from the laptop whimpering that we are "taking the piss" (I would never use bad language in public hence the punctuation).
I did ask him to post a response - but he is sulking. We have created a monster!

Mary Plain said...

i find The Motorcyclist can get upset like this. They don't seem to understand that we still love them when we are sending them up.. bless.

Joolz said...

I very much love Martin and The Motorcyclist.
I understand they have work to do.
If it involves animals,then that is fine.

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