Monday, April 11, 2005

Scarey city

Well, during what I thought would be a relaxing stroll, I could EASILY have been killed, as these warnings CLEARLY show...






It was all very frightening.
And even when you think you might be rescuing a helpless creature, you COULD actually be a murderer.
Yes, you could.


Just don't think about it baby.
It ain't worth it.

And here, just when I was thinking that really I should stop risking life and limb and cut a dash home to safely relax, I realised I had not put in all the appropriate safety measures in place there ...


But anyway, just as I turned to make my way home, I saw that some other people were trying to trick me..

woollen signes?

even I could see this was WOODEN
and that these steps led to nowhere ...

stairs to nowhere

What was going on in Sheffield? Everywhere I looked it was frightening, uncanny, like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. I was losing my grip on reality.

But not as much as the Tory party who is trying to scaremonger the nation into voting for them ...

are you thinking what I am thinking?

and for the last time, "No. I will never be thinking what you are thinking Mr Tory party person."

Stop it.


Kate said...

I like this, as its a bit like a film.
I saw a film made by some teenage girls in South London and they used scary music to give the effect of the uncanny or un heimlich as they followed people round their shcool corridors.
The Uncanny was described by Freud as Unheimlich and this is what Dr Joolz (who knows lots of German) will understand, she is showing us her home town but as scary.
Gosh the Tories are scary. They asked me if I wanted controlled immigration I said No Never and I liked lots of immigration.
They should be told by us how to think.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that '79-'97 was more than enough for anyone.

I'm remembering that Michael Howard was responsible for the poll tax.

I'm musing on the fact that a member of his own party once famously said he had 'something of the night' about him.

I'm betting on the UK public being sussed enough to tell him to piss off on 5 May

Trois TĂȘtes said...

Is there an 'e' in 'scarey', there's certainly a lot of Tory in scarey.

Joolz said...

Have discovered there is no e. Sorrey about that.

Anonymous said...

Are you drinking what I'm drinking?

Joolz said...

Dunno. What are you drinking?

Joolz said...

I have had e additives.

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