Saturday, April 09, 2005

PAST Modern

Not just the monarchy of course ....

Really I think that Camilla's outfits were also past their sell-by date. You must surely agree.

For the registry thing

In fact I think even Camilla changed her mind about this one as she refused to keep it on for the church. Or did she spill something on it?

Anyway she transformed herself into this apparently 'feminine but elegant' (BBC) number:

For the blessing

Personally I was very pleased to receive THIS gift today, which is of course a portrait of our lovely Queen of Hearts. (I still miss her.)

Queen of Hearts

Funnily enough, as Chaz and Cam link up here are another few for you ...


a weblink, a twin union of artists and a link to the title of this post ....

the twin sisters who produced the wonderfully intricate and ironic Diana painting, have an exhibition called PAST-MODERN.

Very funky fusion of Bollywood type stuff and Western popular culture. The pictures are very rich ad full of symbolism. Here is ther own website, after you have read about them, pleeeese don't miss the gallery.

You will love it, I know you will.


Anya said...

Wow, I'd like to see a visual analysis of the symbolic attributive elements in the Diana card! How unsubtle is that. I must use that one in my visual grammar classes!

Joolz said...

I want to go to the class!!
I hear today, btw that Camill had 3 otfits yesterday. Maybe we should analyse that too...

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