Friday, April 08, 2005

Benedict Philips

is an artist from Rotherham I think.
Kate has sent me links to do with her Creative Partnerships project based there.
I want to show you web sites which illustrate something strange about space.

(One of the things the sites illustrate is the way you can travel so easily through web spaces sometimes, going deeper and deeper on journeys to thought worlds you never knew existed before. The other things are illustrated through the art itself and you don't need ME to tell you about it.)

This is Benedict's work on homeless houses. (Yes, I know, but go with it.)

Then there are the rather disparate but strangely connected narratives in a site called This section is about people making a political, social or sometimes even personal point through performance art.

I know you want to talk about all this, but first ... (and maybe I should have put this first)

I want you to go straight to this quicktime film which tells you about how it was the suffragettes who invented performance art. (Although I need to warn those of you who are in a public place at the moment, that you may want to lower the volume of your computer, or listen onheadphones. Just a precaution.)

Sometimes, because of the way you find things on the Internet, you get to the start at the end...

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Kate said...

Really this illustrates how blogs, like found objects collect miscellaneous items and then display them, thus creating contemporary art.
Has Dr Joolz considered her work as art?
We should be told.

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