Monday, January 31, 2005

Busy busy busy

Another day, another journey, investigating and establishing one's identity...
You know how it is.

Yesterday's journey was an interesting one on the train.
Maybe it is only in the second class Master Cutler carriage that one gets a proposal of marriage from a perfect stranger.
As I am not really into polygamy, I felt I should refuse.
The guy already had two wives and six children.
(But maybe he was just trying to impress me with numbers. It is a common gambit.)
Perhaps if I had read this book I would have seen things differently. After all, as we multi modal, post structuralist, post modernists, post academic, post haste blog posting bloggers know, relationships are just a social construct.
Certainly as research into female baboons clearly shows, the more wives there are in a household, the more help you can get with picking out fleas.

Mmm hmm.

......well anyway .... that was a bit of a digression,
The conference I went to was a rather flashier affair than I am used to.


I came home really tired and not a little unhelpful to my family. This is where maybe I could agree that polygamy is a feminist act.

And maybe `I should think more about whether I want to be a soup maker or write papers.

Either way, boys and girls, tomorrow I will be exploring more about identity, journeys and maybe a little 'Je ne sais pourquoi'.
I am not kidding you mate, this is the space to be.


Kate said...

We are desperate for the second installment of Dr Joolz's v. worthy reflection son gender and soup making. I love it. There is also a v. good bit in a book by Miriam David on how one of the authors found it difficult when she was doing her doctorate to be part of the local women thing.
On the women issue. I have a gripe. Can any one help?
I went to see Sideways, a very highly rated film about 2 men and wine at the weekend. It had rave reviews by (you guessed it) men.
I liked it, but really really wanted it to be Thelma and Louise, one of my all top time favourite films (after the Stepford Wives but that is another story)
So why don't we have more films about women?
Can Dr Joolz explain?
I think we should be told.

Kate said...

And another thing (I am chatty today - I did some WORK for once)
Proposals on trains are very common - someone proposed to me on a train once and I accepted (Florence to Boulogne with my friend Christian aged 18 and we had no money and they had lots of nice FOOD)
Unfortunately, my new husband and I never met up again.
But I am now married.
Am I polygamous?
Another v good thing to know it is possible to go 1st class from London to Sheffield and back for £30.00. This I have just found out and it is bliss.
Pass it on.

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