Thursday, January 27, 2005

women in space part two - a celebration

Today's post brings you snapshotz of women doing their thing, in their everyday places.
See what you think.
This shot has a nice bit of juxtaposition:

1-038 - mother cooking

Do you think that this woman put up that photo on the wall? Or the stickers on the fridge? I think she is cooking for others and that she did not put the pix up.

Look at this for female companionship:


I like this one. The women are working but not as hard as this.

And this is lonely and sad:


And here is another woman in her work space.

I reckon I'd have a great day here.

So here were women in workspaces with very few comments from me for a change.


kc said...

Hello Dr Joolz. Kris from photosleavehome returning the hello. This is a very nice post. -kris

Joolz said...

Nice to meet you glad you like the blog. Will call in on yoursa gain soon. I like the speakerless speaker's corner pretty much btw.

Kate said...

Can we have some stuff on domestic interiors?
I am also interested in bedrooms.
My current obsession is with tidiness.
I am not tidy but other people are.
Is this a problem?
What do other people think?
Bloggers unit, is it a messy practice or a tidy one?

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