Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Blogging is the new black

They really are going up all over the web like a new virus. See here and here.
The number of people using English on the web is amazing, the statistics here give a break down of regional speakers and numbers.

Blogs may be a world wide phenomenon, but does everyone really understand what each other says? Will we start speaking more conservatively or will we share and blend idioms? I suspect the latter if tv influence is anything to go by).If I talked about going on a 'five fingered disco' would you know I meant I was going nicking? Or I was a tea leaf? Or tief? Or thief? (Thought not) But maybe after a while you would realise and start using those words too. Would that be a good thing?

Some people are very worried about the changing language thing. One university wants to ban the word 'blog.
Well anyway enough of this, if you want more, go to David Crystal of course.

We need pictures...

Guy wants to blog bags, City bitch wants to be a bitch. The two get married , and hey wow!!


(This is London yesterday ...)


Kate said...

This is actually a v. good shop - I have not bought anything in it but it is one of those shops I have my eye on.
They called it that so that when people wrote a cheque they had to write it to Eat My Handbag Bith.
This is v. funny.
Handbags are so interesting.
Can you do a blog on that Dr Joolz?
We are all eagerly awaiting your next posting.

cityB said...

So you were in London yesterday and you didn't tell us?
I agree with Kate that we eagerly await your next blog. You are the Queen of Blogging or do you prefer MuthaBlogga?

Joolz said...

Muthablogga has to be allowed some secrets ... does not have to reveal all ....

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