Monday, January 17, 2005

Blogging on

I found this blog quite a story of real life drama. The blogger (Cerise?) seems to be using it to cope with the fact that her partner is in Iraq. The details are very poignant. I definitely hope Bryan can come home in February.

I think the person is the pseudo blogger's sister. Satirical Veracity has a great list of bad blogs. God, please don't put mine on. I like the one that says 'If Satan had a blog ...' Very mean!

My sister told me about this.
This is a blog dedicated to the freedom of information act; it has stuff on bloggers as you may imagine.

My sister works for a company which runs the website for a very famous newsagency ... they recently had a complaint that some people blog news before it gets on their site.

Hooray for Bloggers.

BUT she then investigated the story they were talking about and it was on their site after all.
So hooray for them.


cityB said...

You've inspired me to create my own blog. It's quite easy to do and feels good to have somewhere to offload that isn't as expensive as therapy. Hooray for bloggers indeed!

Joolz said...

SUCH good news CB.
But, (and I only say this as I am shallow and I want the fame,) the link to my site does not work...

cityB said...

The link works now - your fame will live on. Thanks.

Kate said...

The brilliant thing about blogging is that you can be anywhere it it still works, North America, The world, Saturn etc etc.
Am v. excited am commenting from Snowy Toronto this comment is really to be v. blogging and so good to hear from CB.

Trois TĂȘtes said...

Well I am not sure about Candi and Bryan.

Anyway tout le monde blog aujourd'hui

Blog ho said...

I hope Bryan gets back as well, and back safe and dandy.

sCruuw said...

Hi Ho! Hi Joolz! Neat blog!

Anti-Blogger said...

I feel honored...thank you.

Joolz said...

Hi everyone!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog ... sorry I missed you earlier. I'll keep an eye out on your blog to see when Bryan gets back ... gtlad to be in touch in the blogosphers!

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