Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Women and Space (Part One)

I don't mean this or this.
Although we do admire how they can float about in the air. There's a nice story here. (With a worrying bit about climbing into her 'upper torso'.)
No I don't want to talk about that kind of space at all; I want to think about gendered uses of space; the way women and girls might use space differently to men and boys ...
Well, didn't you notice the gender of all the Parkour enthsiasts?

Pat Mahoney, in the 1980s doocumented how girls spent a lot of time standing round the edges of playgrounds while boys play football. And Pat is not on her own in noticing.
Or sit on radiators or talk in the toilets whilst boys use up all the space.
(Unlike Dr Francis Wardle here, I am not at all convinced that this is biologically determined at all, btw.)
I have thought about taking photos around one of my project schools, but the ethical thing is just too much these days ...
But trust me, boys take up so much space with the way they walk, carry their bags, and manage to sit in three places all at once in the classroom. And Becky Francis seems to agree.
And at least one other person has noticed this peripheral positioning to occur in other spheres too.
Some women want to take up less space by getting thinner and thinner. And they are disgusted by people who take up more room.
Whilst a very few feel,that it is a feminist thought to try to be bigger.


Did you click on the title of this post btw?

If not, please scroll up and do so now. (But it has nothing to do with the subject of this post.)

Tomorrow I want to talk a bit more bout women and space in a very serious way.


cityB said...

I think in some cases women might overeat because they feel men intrude into their space but they suppress their urges to say anything about it. By putting on weight, these urges emerge from the subconscious and are manifested in the extra fat which surrounds them and finally gives them the chance to regain their lost space.

Joolz said...

Yep. I know that Susie Orbach would definitely agree.

cityB said...

But citybitches don't suppress anything - they just tell other people to move their ass out of their personal space (not so easy on the tube).

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