Monday, January 10, 2005

Head over heels

There is only one place to go today and that is to Head magazine.
Take your time over this one. Lots of urban decay for you. And an addition to the theme on feet.(Dirty ones).


Kate said...

I got stuck on this site and couldn't run it.
I also didn't like the feet.
I am beginning to exercise Critical Judgement about sites.
That one was a big crappy but Dorothy's was v. v. good.
Am I learning something?
You could do an MA or Phd in it?
Wow another certificate

Joolz said...

Yes the feet were disgusting I agree.
Maybe you need to upgrade your flashplayer if you got stuck on the site?
There are some v good pics on it but am glad to see how discrening you are.
I may give you a certificate for bext blog commenter.

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