Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hmm ... now where was I?

It is nearly a week since I returned from the gorgeously warm Nice. Where there was a monster:

But we also saw some interesting pieces of Art in a very nice gallery where as it turned out you were not allowed to take photographs. But we did not know when I took these:

art gallery

art gallery

As you can see they show writing as art, as artefact. Literacy as display. It all looks cheeky somehow. The best piece of writing as art in the place .. I got told to stop taking photos. Dommage.

People look at you strangely when you take pictures of the sides of buses, but this one was interesting:

wall street english

(The people seem ecstatic about Wall Street English.)

I know these photo's are quite big, but I fancied putting BIG photos on my blog.

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