Sunday, January 30, 2005

Being faced

Yeah. That is weird that I decided, as an experiment to plonk my face in my blog.
My blog profile (top right of the page) began life with a distant long shot of me, unidentifiable. Then I replaced it with a small, composed, non expressive mug shot, looking daftly studious; studiously studious in fact.
Then yesterday I purposefully took a photo of myself, hugely faced, and blogged it. I took it off twice, then braved it. (Still not smiling though.)
And Guy has remarked on this.
When Trois tetes wrote about identity and being faced (etc), he took us here to help us think.
Why did I, yesterday, identify myself so clearly in my blog? People advise us not to.
I feel my blog is a strongly gendered space, with shotz of girlish stuff, talk of clothes and artefcats and also plenty of chat in the comments area. Maybe you don't think this is gendered? David Huffaker has talked a bit about gender and blogging. This is the BBC's summary.
Deanna Weber has a very interesting experience of gender confusion to relate here showing, I think, how we try to make judgements about meat space identities when we are on line.
See Judith Donath and Dana Boyd's 'Public displays of connection' here. Very interesting but not as good as 'Mediated faces' on the same link.
Have posted early today so you have most of Sunday to read the articles.
Have a good one ... am down to London so hope to bring back a scoop.


Kate said...

Gosh Dr. Joolz is v. busy and is keeping us up to speed on post modernist theories of identity which is sometimes hard to follow.
What I think is, that we are now bifucated by globalised forces, which means our sense of identity is fractured. (see Said, etc etc)
However, I think Dr Joolz should follow closely her identity in practice on this blog.
How is it tracked on the blog?
Does it change? Is is essentialised or moving on?
We are all watching this as part of our own post-modern thinking space.
What does she think?
I think we should be told.

Kate said...

I am glad Dr Joolz is going to London.
I hate to admit this, but it is the best place.
Can we have a London blog soon?
Only fair.

guy said...

I think her identity will change as a result of the journey. Of course the result will be different according to the mode of travel..on the way, no doubt, she will inhabit an 'in transit' identity. That's one I quite like, unless of course the train is late!

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