Monday, January 24, 2005

Getting Barbie ringtones

I am planning on downloading "I am a Barbie girl ...' tra la la on to my mobile phone.
In the meantime, to celebrate successful purchase of Barbie fridge magnets from e bay, I am doing a full Barbie post.
This place is a bit weird but has lots of dead links. Quite symbolic.
I have had thisbefore and it is a favourite of mine.
A funny person called Molly, buys Barbies, does them up, and leaves them around the place. She shows you photos of some.
Cindy Jackson is a Barbie lookalike and you too could buy that body; her web site tells you how.
I honestly cannot believe the jealousy of some people .. this site talks about Barbie forever being the bride and never the wife. So? That's good, isn't it?
That's all.


Kate said...

I am glad Dr Joolz has put a post up about Barbies as I think they are very important part of us girlz identity.
Molly was on the Barbie web site last night and found a new thing to do which is to decorate a room.
She also does fashion dress up and gets certificates constantly for her work, which is v. good as she never gets any from school.
I would like to do something on Barbie as artefact and also spatial stuff and Barbie but my mind is a bit clogged at the moment.
Jet lag!

Joolz said...

Barbie wouls be wondeful to work with. Trust me, I know.

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