Tuesday, January 25, 2005

sorry to go on

I know you thought I had stopped harping on about 'spaces' BUT.

You already know all about the tsunami which occurred on 26th December 2004.

But did you know the whole disaster area has now been reinterpreted as a tourist attraction by people coming in coaches from North Thailand???

Oh yes.

I saw on French tv (France Deux) last night, how people are taking photos of the ruined areas, of photographs of missing people, and posing for group shots outside the morgue.
Mmmm hmm.

Nowt so queer as folk. As they say.
Read more about this mawkish pastime.
Bizare stuff. Look also at this and also an article about a planned Tsunami Trail.

The souvenir industry is on the go too.


Trois TĂȘtes said...

On one level this seems horrible, who would want to go on such a trip.

Well, possibly some of those people who watch on the television who are paying the wages of the professional voyeurs. The photographic gaze is cruel and tender.

Kate said...

This is a very sad posting but Dr Joolz has not mentioned the positive power of the internet to find or help find people although this is also a sad story.
Our neighbours have been missing, and their names (and photos) were up on the internet the day after Boxing day.
And they are still missing.
Dr Joolz also needs to mention the virus which is being passed around via the email about the boy who has lsot his parents.
Apprently this is a v. cruel hoax.
Altogether a sobering topic.
I hope the next one will be more cheerful as we know Dr Joolz is always cheerful.

cityB said...
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