Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Being Julia

Responding to Kate's comment today about films and women, what better place to start than here?
I wonder now, to what extent I am DrJoolz and to what extent I am Julia, huh? How far does my identity as Julia move into DrJoolz and does DrJoolz leap out of cyberspace and influence Julia?
But are they really different spaces? Are we getting misled by the metaphor of space?
Of course post-modernists are clear that the structures of language can be misleading and the metaphor 'meatspace' as an opppoisition to cyberspace confirms a binary position which many may dispute. It is so exciting to see theoretical work looking at cyberspace, real space, identity and heterotopias .

I have registered (as DrJoolz) for my first online conference.
Thanks to Sarah for putting the info on her blog.

Today, you may be interested to know, I began the photoshopot for a posting to appear tomorrow. You will have to wait and see pourquoi it is taking so long ...


Trois Têtes said...

Not sure about the structure of language, but what is a 'photoshopot'

Hey you should think yourself lucky that the film you are associated with isn't this one

Kate said...

Dr Joolz is v. clever today.
This blog is really so clever I am silenced particularly when it comes to Wittgentstein.
My worry about everthing (conferences, holidays etc etc) being on-line is do we notice where we actually are?
Does it matter?
Can I have the same experience in Sheffield or London reading Dr Joolz' blog or is it the same?
I think we should be told.

Trois Têtes said...

The experience is different. The level of appreciation is much greater in Sheffield since one is not required to continually utilise part of one's RAM looking out for cyclists on the pavement, and worrying about house prices. QED

Kate said...

Gosh Gareth Trois texts commenging on Moi. I feel I should spontaneously leap into speaking French. (Remember I was once a telephone siwtchboard operator in Paris. Ne Quittez pas)
I beg to differ re: London and Sheffield.
I think I appreciate Dr Joolz' blog MORE in London as I have the enhancement of knowing I am living happily and dangerously on the edge whereas in Sheffield?
Well, where is the edge.
Dr. Joolz do you have any comments?
I think we should be told.

Trois Têtes said...

The Edge? The edge is in Nether Edge, Sheffield's answer to Camden, before Camden moved to Hoxton.

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