Thursday, February 24, 2005

sydneys shoes

sydneys shoes
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These are very expressive shoes.
Adults often have obsessions about teenagers and their shoes.
I once worked in a school where the kids all had to wear uniform and it was a real pain as a lot of time had to be focussed on what kids were wearing. I felt this was a diversion away from what I wanted to think about with the kids.
Anyway, at this particular school the kids had to have black shoes. I once saw a teacher make a pupil colour the white stripes on their shoes with a marker pen to turn them from black and white to black. This probably WAS an educational experience after all.

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Kate said...

This is a very relevant posting as I have just bought some wildly impractical Patrick Cox pink high heeled shoes but they were in the sale. If I was Dr Joolz I would now have a pic of them but I can't.
However, there is a point here - Anita Wilson in her work on prison literacies described how one man customised his prison plymsoles with the Nike tick. This then made them cool.
Does Dr Joolz have other examples?
We should be told.

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