Saturday, February 19, 2005

I am v busy today

And I think I am a bit out of control of my workload.
But I am not in such a mess as this.

Or this

because I would not be able to concentrate AT ALL.

I know Kate likes mess, partly because she told me but partly because she wrote this.

Children should be allowed to get suff all over the floor to play with. This is not mess.

But frankly, some people should just get the hoover out and tidy up. If you need help in this regard and are not a feminist then go here.
Otherewise, I am afraid you will just have to wallow.


Kate said...

Dr Joolz is very clever to focus on mess. Several people have written about including Mary Douglas (Purity and Danger) Gregory Bateson (Why do Things Get in a Muddle) and Basil Bernstein (The Four Lavatories - amazing and must read section which was based on four different London academics' lavatories).
There is a book to be written about mess, and I want to write it called The Untidy House.
However, I agree with Dr Joolz that untidiness can be a problem and also it is difficult to cope with working in an untidy space.
We now want more information on Dr Joolz' work space.
Does she work in pristine conditions?
I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

Mess is OK if you can find things - like the desk-drawer owner says. Far better than grime on your screen or grease on the fascia of your mobile. That's moving from mess to dirt, of course. OK to work with? I think not.

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