Sunday, February 27, 2005

Some posts about blogs and knitting

Originally uploaded by Dr Joolz.
We start with this picture which comes from this site.

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Kate said...

Knitting is so COOL. There is currently an exhibition of kinitting at the Craft Centre, Islington, London. Dr Joolz has touched on a v. important post mdoern feminist point that knitting is suddenly tres chic.
On the train back from Sheffield (where I worked all weekend imagine how hard - what happened to work life balence I wonder) I read an article about feminists and fashion. Apparently it is tre chic to be into fashion if you are a top notch woman professor. Both Elaine Showalter and Susan Sontang (now sadly dead) were really into poetry AND Prada!
Does Dr Joolz have more pearls of wisdom on this subject?
We should, I think, be told.

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