Friday, February 11, 2005

Cool Places

I don't really mean the kind of place that Guy was talking about yesterday, although of course that place might be a cool, and a cool place.
I am talking about Cooooool places. Thay are written about here too.
Even though A Pratt is keen to talk about Cool Places in relation to cyberspace, he seems to be clear that both cyberspace and meat space are interconnected and that there is other space is produced. Now that is cool. Maybe he agrees with Kev that space is not always something that pre exists and awaits visitors, but space can sometimes be created through interactivity. That also is cool and Kev and Margaret talk about these ideas here.
Cool Places for teenagers are often open spaces where they can skateboard and hang about. Shopping malls where you just sort of look around, pose, in aplace that is not quite playground, not quite street but you can be around trendy goods, even without cash. I know you are thinking, 'yes, they are unacceptable flaneurs, those teenage layabouts.' Which is what Matthews thinks too.
(But if it is a whole book and pictures you are after, you can do worse than going here and catching a few Martin Parr shots amongst others. We see how places that were once cool do not always remain so and that coolness is in the eye of the beholder. )

These places seem really cool to me.


Japan in partcular seems to be an edgy, happening place - is it to do with technology as well as their eat and funky fashion?

Even Sushi bars are very chi chi these days. You can get Sushi bars with Bratz, which do, of course, come in Japanese themes. One has to fit ones body image to the cool place one aspires to be in. Of course.

But that is all from me as I have spent too long today making this site cool, as, no doubt, you will have noticed.
I am in the pink.


Kate said...

Fantastic that Dr Joolz has done a posting today - it is a little difficult for her fans who wait to see what will happen next.
Actually I was actually in a place recently that was really COOOL it was - 23. (Toronto, Canada)
The wierd thing is that normal life continued, shopping, gym, etc, but with massive snow and arctic stuff.
Am about to head to the wilds of Dorset where Broadband is a dim dream so will resume commenting when I can.

Joolz said...

Gosh kate you jumped in there before I finished my post. Hope Dorset is a dream.

Anya said...

Ooooohhhhh, I looooove the new pink Joolz! Gorgeous! Well done, that template changing thing can be scary! Your commenting system is cool too! How'd you do that???

Joolz said...

HI Anya!! Glad you like the pink ... it took ages!! I changed it all n the template as I wanted that template, but not the colour. (It was orange) The cool comments layout came with the template I am afraid so I can't help you. I think maybe Blogger is gonna update everyone's. POssibly. TRois tetes comments thing changed automatically.

cityB said...

Yeah my comment place changed by itself as well.

Anya said...

Ah yes thanks heaps, my comments has changed also. I love this now - we can add html into the comments AND we see our piccies!!!! Wunderbar! Hope you're having a fun weekend there Joolz!

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