Sunday, February 20, 2005

As a response

To Kate's comment , here is a picture of my workspace.

my workspace

It is in the corner of the dining room and so I keep it tidy in order that my stuff does not invade everyone else's life.

I did not use to like working here as I felt like I was just in the dining room and I could not think. But now I am used to it and quite like moving in and out of my academic work and my family life.

Maria Tamboukou has written about this sort of thing . This piece focuses a bit on the ways in which women have had to negotiate spaces for themselves. Maria once told me at a conference that she used to do her academic work in a space by the kitchen. This is just the same as Kate and I, who carry out our family roles alongside our academic work.

It makes me happy to think we may be feminists like Maria.
( But I think I would prefer to have a spacious library to work in and someone to cook for me and to call me when my meals are ready. I would also like a swimming pool.)
Kate and I are women who juggle our lives between being domestic goddesses and marvellously clever academics (surprise! surprise! no pictures on this). Or perhaps we are just drudges in our chaotic homes.


Kate said...

Dr Joolz is very right to focus on the conundrum of women and space. In fact, this is the subject of a friend of mine's Phd - she is an architect who is looking at women's work spaces.
However, I think there is something v. important about having the right to your own space.
This is because Hurrah we have jobs where we earn money.
I think Virginia Woolf had a point when she said women need money AND a room of their own.
However, there is perhaps a further consideration which Dr Joolz has not addressed in this particular posting.
What about women's use of on-line space? Favourites? Desktops?
Even her file management system and ways of doing PowerPoint?
We know that Space of course is not only actual but virtual.
What does Dr Joolz think about this?
We should be told.

Joolz said...

As usual Kate has been v provocative. These questions rare extremely interesting.
At home my computers ( 2 lap tops) tend to be very well organised and I delete documents I have finished with.
(I put away my laptops after use as I am obsessed with hiding stuff from burglars.)
I wonder if women are more liberated in cyber space. Catherine Driscoll thinks they are.

Anonymous said...

...there's that French film at the Showroom

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