Monday, February 28, 2005

Knits with Wits


Aaah. It is so comforting seeing knitting. Reminds me of watching my Mum go clickety click with the needles.

The knitting shown here is the lovely work of Jessica from i make stuff

It seems the homey image of knitting is under some contestation though, with crafty people,as seen in yesterday's post using names like 'Stitch n Bitch' or 'Yarn Harlot' for their sites. Please note how Yarn Harlot (who had 78 comments today), has just delivered the manuscript of her novel, and that 'And she Knits too' has a link to her PhD from her blog.
Knitters are not necessarily knitWits.
And see how Les Tricoteuses sans frontiers have raised thousands of dollars for Tsunami victims.
Moreover the Crafts Council can talk of CONCEPT KNITTING. I am not sure what the concept is but I am keen on the idea of a knitted television .
You might also want to see the exhibition Boys Who Sew"

But anyway shoppers, I like this business site with the lovely clothes and homey feel.

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Kate said...

Thank god Dr Joolz has used her expertise to alert us to good shopping sites.
It is a really dreary fact that us academics just cannot do wordy stuff all day long,
We have to take breaks.
I am sure this is all part of Health and Safety.
And what do we do with our breaks?
We blog and shop.
Does Dr Joolz have any other sites?
We are keen to hear.

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