Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Youth and Art in the cityscape

Thanks to Sarah for telling me about why the gates in Central Park arrived. Quite a conestation of natural space for some I imagine, but I think that from looking at this Central Park Gates Blog, that there is something quite profound in the change of atmosphere.

Certainly, wthout cyberspace I would not have experienced any of the installation at all, but I am not sure the blog quite works for those outside New York. This is not a criticism but an observation about local/gloal trannsferability. Something to consider about how firmly rooted in specific spaces and communities some cyberspaces are .... However, Central Park is a global symbol so maybe the Blog does work everywhere ...

The other link I found from Sarah took me to the poignant stories of young offenders. The narratives are powerful but all the more potent through their multi modal delivery.

And The Guardian yesterday helped us to think about the young as contributors to the quality of city spaces in their skateboarding actions. I love this:

Shopping malls may be ideal places to shop but offer none of the "vitality and
downright unpredictability of the full-on urban experience". Skateboarders, in
contrast, pose questions about risky public spaces: who owns them, who has the
right to use them.
I know you like pix so here you go.

This post has been about reconsidering public spaces.


Sarah said...

hee hee :)

Joolz said...

This is a fabulous installation. A great contribution thanks.

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