Thursday, February 03, 2005

And now for something completely different ...

Just for a change I bring you two web sites to play with.
An online museum... a digital history which really explots multimodalism.

and go here and type in your post code in the box (sorry UK people only). You get to a page about where you live, but I recommend you use the links on the left - e.g. Voices which gives all sorts of things to listen to.

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Kate said...

Nice sites Dr Joolz although the where I live was a bit slow.
Ofcourse, as CLifford Geertz said everywhere is local, but Appadurai also said that it is no longer enough to do local knowledge and we have also to do globalisation.
Dr Jackie Marsh has written in a recent paper about the way the global instersects with the local through the logos for Disney on buses, which connect up children's home lives of watching their Disney dvd's with the outer landscape of buses and hoardings.
I leave that v. clever thought with you Dr. Joolz.

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