Thursday, February 17, 2005

1. I went


2. I saw this:


3. Read this:


4. Bought this:


(Will practice hard and then apply to the band tomorrow. I am really dedicated.)


blingblog said...

Shame it's not a bass guitar because this could have been a big break! Still looks in good nick though; good luck

Joolz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joolz said...

OK Wise Guy.
Think I might give it to my daughter then.

Anonymous said...

Nice guitar.
I am a bit worried about the kind of music you'll play though. Let's hope it's not Dido.

Anonymous said...

I am Dido and I object to that.
But if my life is for rent and Idon't learn to buy, WEll I deserve nothing more than I can get.
So to speak.

Joolz said...

Actually I am not sure I believe you are Dido.
But if you are, can you give me guitar lessons please?
Amd can I have your autograph? (To sell on e bay?)

Kate said...

Gosh Dr Joolz the THINGS YOU GET UP TO when I am away!
You are definitely a ROCK CHICK
Can I be in your band?
What is it going to be called?
What do we wear?
Excited from London (Back Hurrah)

Joolz said...

Thank God you are back. It had gone very quiet indeed.
Am giving thoughts to your important questions

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