Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Feeling a bit girlie? (NO BOYS ALLOWED)

Well why don't you check out these lovely things?

Look also at these lovely dolls?
Or indulge a passion? (Without putting on pounds)

Just to let off a bit of steam you could do worse than visit the bitchin kitchen.
And then check out the sweetie sushi. And what about multicoloured yummy cooking fun?

Understand that YOU TOO could become a belly dancer. (Or just pick up some tips from the lipstick librarian .
Learn how to satrt up your own lingerie business.
Combine rugby with modelling.

Or throw a baby shower and make a diaper cake.
The more mature woman may prefer this.

Go on a Beauty Night Out.
And while you are thinking of beauty, how about a new skin for your laptop?
Or why not just have a good girls night out?

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Kate said...

Thank god Dr Joolz has finally really addressed the exciting concept of our interest in girly stuff.
This is a very very good post.
I am going to order my daughter Molly a Molly doll immediately.
What Dr. Joolz has not yet addressed is now the internet is basically one big wonderful shopping opportunity for us girly people who actually need to shop but not go out into nasty snow which is where I have been recently amongst horrible moors and very far away places in somewhere far called Yorkshire.
Thank god for the internet.
Help! I need a girly mobile phone and on-line Desperate Housewives replicas NOW.
Dor Joolz must come to our rescue.

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