Saturday, February 12, 2005

Some People

care more about their environment than other people do.
Lucky I keep my bit of cyberspace looking pretty in pink otherwise you may not visit.

But I hope I do not put you off visiting my meat space if I show you this disaster area:

Litter in garden

My neighbour's 'garden'. Not nice is it?

There is a limit to what the council can do, although they try their best:

Keep Britain Tidy

And whilst you notice Sheffield itself superimposed, reflected in the picture, it may put you in mind of reflections on car bonnets seen here.

In the meantime my neighbours have been keen to brighten up their travel spaces, with the vibrant hues of Hawaii:

Car stuff

Maybe it is all to do with private spaces, public spaces. The messy garden belongs to a student house; multiple occupancy, landlord lives away. Whilst the car, customised, personalised, shows the owner wanting to leave her/his print. But this is obvious, even Press Republican online knows this.

Why am I posting about all this?
It is because I know you like to see filth. The proof is in Kim and Aggie's successful clean up programme, now transported to the USA.

The formular is perfect:
1. Find a mess. (Show it in detail)
2. Attempt to clean it.
3. Find resistance from the main protagonists.
4. Finally persuade protagonists to see that clean is beautiful.
5. Clean the house. It is a battle that all try to fight together.
6. End up smiling and change the people's lives for ever after.
7. Heroes leave the site feeling successful and ready to battle on another day.

Perfect fairy story upon which all makeover programmes (Keep Fit programmes; Nip and Tuck; Faking It; etc etc) are based upon.

I love them actually, makes me feel life is easy.

( Vladimir Propp has set out the narratvie formulae for us to see. (And if you want to generte your own fairy story, you can do so here..)

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You dirty doc.

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