Sunday, May 29, 2005

Wish I were here

I should be really ... it has all been a terrible mistake not to be.
Mind you look how early some people had to get up ...

Sonia was there doing her stuff. She is a good speaker - we asked her to come to Sheffield a couple of years ago and she was lovely.
Recently we were both part of this. I have found her work invaluable in helping to give my stuff some credibility in terms of facts and figures. But she is not just numbers of course and the interviews she and her team have done will doubtless be used by so many working in the field of teen online activity. (Mind you am branching out at the moment since I began this whole autoethnographic stuff. I have been looking at adults online too.But then again, online affinities are usually intergenerational so it is hard to be too focused on a narrow age group.)

Dmitri looks interesting too and he is also at the conference in NYC.

There is a session called 'Teen girls on screen' today that I would adore going to - especially the paper 'it's not easy being mean' by Melissa Lenos. I like feisty girls and hearing about feisty girls' stuff is exciting.
And in another session Alsion Butler is talking about 'Technique and Devotion: Teen girls make meaning of representation.'
How exciting is that? Or 'Reinscribing heterosexuality in Buffy?'(Rebecca Hains)

Anyway just looking through this huge programme makes me understand what is meant by 'conferences are bigger in the states'.

But still, I guess as with burgers, you only have the same amount of time to consume each item.
And in London this week we have this.
But I think I already said that.

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