Sunday, May 01, 2005

People I wish had blogs ....

Well I completely stole this idea from here, so please forgive me.

But before I give you my list I would like to say I am very glad the people I have listed on my site have got blogs, so don't you all go getting peevish now...

1. Barbie (what makes her tick?)

2. Elastagirl (From the Incredibles. She is amazing.)

3. Jackie Marsh (She is incredible too.)

4. The Singh Twins

5. Prince Harry (I need to know if he is really as stupid as he tries to appear)

6. Madonna (yes I love her)

7. The guy who I ordered a new computer from seven weeks ago (want to know the REAL reason its not here yet.)

8. Purple Ronnie

9. Tracey Emin

10. However hard I try, cannot think of number ten.

STOP PRESS!!! have found Barbie's blog. (The relief)


Kate said...

This is a very good blog.
OK The people I wish had blogs (or ones I really like and wish they could carry on but they can't for various reasons).
1. Julia Darling. I love her. She had a blog but it stopped.
2. Bratz (Hurrah we go online all the time).
3. Derek Jarman (the same reason as Julia Darling but is too sad).
4. Nicole Kidman (cheesy but she is mysterious and is she really gay??)
5. Virgina Woolf (would be so good. What about Vita???)
6. Barthes. This would be fun. We could ask Barthes questions like where do you go for coffee in Paris. A kind of travel site.
7. Luce Irigaray. A feminist version of Barthes.
8. Dido (obviously. Why did you not think of this Dr Joolz).
9. Somebody obviously old like Cleopatra for Egyptian tips.
10 I am so glad Dr Joolz has a blog too.

Satan said...

Can I be number ten?... I promise I won't bite.

Joolz said...

I really like your list. I did think of Dido but was not sure if I was allowed two popstars.
I did not include you as ths blog is half yours anyway...
I forgot to say. (Soz)

Joolz said...

And as for you Satan, yes you may be number ten. (Although I think I know what you think about, you naughty boy.)

Anya said...

I like these but I also want Angela'a Mystery-Mr-X to blog and for all of the people who comment on MMX's blog to say 'Oh My, You simply MUST meet the lovely Anya' and then he will come visit with poetic comments and attentive posts, linking to me in all his future posts to highlight the wise and clever points he makes about love, life and the future...

Maybe you ladies know of such a MMX already!?!?! If so, I hope you're doing your best to convince him to visit my blog :>

(This is called blatant twisting of a meme to suit personal agenda)!!! *blushing*

Satan said...

What??? Jeez, I'm a little offended.

I'm just an average kinda guy, you know, I like sports, beers with friends on the weekend, and the rape and pillage of millions. That sort of thing.

Joolz said...

Now listen up Anya!! The solution as you well know, is to start putting loadsa stuff about your exciting love life on your blog. He then comments on yours. Not the other way round.
(He knows the error of his ways already though and it is just his pride stopping him from coming back..)The new MMX is in Cardiff.

Anya said...


Oops sorry Mr Satan, but you don't meet the criteria for MMX.

But if he's in Cardiff, then Cardiff here I come!!

Joolz said...

Are you two flirting on my blog?

Anya said...

Not I!

Joolz said...

Flirting with Satan!!
Can't get more naughty.

Satan said...

Mmmm... Probably not wise flirting with me, the only mystery I can share is how to remove your face and internal organs while keeping you alive.

Mind you... You are in Sydney and I do come from Down Under; so we have our commonalities.

Joolz said...

OOOOh no. This is getting scarey now chaps.

Satan said...


Don't be scared, I promised I wouldn't bite.

Joolz said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaghhhh!! (Am scared)

Anya said...

I would only sell my soul to Mr Satan if he gave me a million dollars.

Satan said...

@ Joolz - Really? Gawd, I only hid under your bed that one night. ; ) BTW - What were those chipmunk moises.

Anya - I already own your soul. I'd have to look back through my files, but I believe you really wanted that 'My Little Pony' or was it a 'Cabbage Patch Doll' in your pre-teens...

Anya said...

Neither one Satan, all I cared about in my pre-teens were books and they are free from libraries :P

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