Saturday, May 14, 2005

Lots to learn today

The little ducklings had to follow their Mum across a busy university car park, dodging danger all the way. They moved obediently in a little group but seemed unable to find where to go ..


I am quite sure the little duckies would not be happy to have their Mum insulted like this:

Ya Mother!!

Of course you need the cultural background to understand that the words 'Your Mum' could be an insult.

Then there was this piece of advertising on Ecclesall Road ..

web address

I checked out this web site and enjoyed not only the transgressive tee shirts, but the associated Maggie is dead site was not half bad either. Not just for the music either. Please ensure you follow some of thelinks for a fully pleasurable smug laugh.

The other site advertised on my photo (above) was this one which is a piece of heavy duty selling ...trying to get you to apply for a particular type of job, Interesing way to lure the punters in - a piece of apparent trash tied to fencing on waste ground ... This is advertising placement which relies on the curious, observance of punters who are 'into' the Internet enough to remember the site name and look it up when they got home. The site is slick yet persistant and requires you to put in your name at the end ... I did not do this, so you will have to explore that yourself..


Anya said...

Cute ducklings :>

Do you have a digital camera or an old fashioned one? I love my digital camera except for the fact that I haven't worked out the finetuning of focussing and shutter speed yet.

Kate said...

I am going to get a digital camera for my birthday so I can be like Anya and Dr Joolz.
yes I am a gemini.

Joolz said...

It's a sony digital thing - I really love it a cybershot in fact.
I tend to use only a couple of options on iy - flash on or off and I sometimes adjust the lens for close ups but not often.

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