Monday, May 30, 2005

Sheffield botanical gardens

The gardens in Sheffield have had a LOT of money spent on them in the last couple of years and I think has been worth it.
On my visit yesterday I saw so many people chilling out and enjoying the lovely scenery..

Check it out...


This guy was one of many who sat reading.


This birdlike flower was in the glasshouse.


This caught my eye .. thought it was some kind of plant at first.

These were very lush.


And I got these for the star not star group.


I took about ten photos of this little scene but kept missing the moment when the squirrel ate from her hand.


Unlike Anya I have been relaxing!!


Anya said...

I'm sure my time for relaxation will come! Only 40 days til I start my study leave. I think I am going to apply for a week of holiday leave beforehand!

Joolz said...

You really should!!

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