Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Current online faves

1. Bloggers I don't know, such as Proffgrrrl and Bitch PhD
2. Comments on my blog.
3. The Flickr group: Girls eating sandwiches.
4. Freebie films, animations and cartoons like this.
5. Film trailers.
6. BBC news - especially the techno section.
7. Learning stuff from other people.
8. Finding out some people's secrets.
9. Getting papers from people's sites. Like this, this and this.
10. Getting to know new people. Like this too.
11. Sites which save people's lives. And this kind of thing.


Kate said...

This is a very good list but I can't join in cos I can't upload stuff. BUT because we also know it is another person's favourite thing (lists) here is my top 10 reasons why the web is so so good:
1. Flickr. Replaces photograph albums. More multimodal. Is actually better than Photo albums cos more sharing.
2. Cheats. My son loves them.
3. Friends, yes it is true it is where my friends live on the web.
4. Nice stuff. Oh dear ebay no comment
5. Holidays. The pools! The pictures!
6. Homework. This is boring BUT my daughter did a lovely project on Menorca despite having low reading skills because of the Web.
7. Health. Yes, it is true, you log on to stuff and you find out your friends can live for ages and ages, even with secondary breast cancer and lots of women are and do.
8. Theory. Multimodality! Brilliant.
9. Globalisation. yes! we talk to Australia! all the time!
10. Being an academic is better because of the web and being a girl is much much better.

Anya said...

Oh! Excellent List DrJoolz!! It's 2:30am here (I only just finished preparing the new and improved version of my blogtalk conference presentation for Saturday) and I am too tired to make a long list but agree with both of you.
Especially about the being a girl is much better. For some reason my research interests have moved from kids in general to girls in particular, because I am so thrilled with what I see them doing online.
And finding all those fantastic papers of Col and Michele's online last year was especially fabulous. And being able to get the gossip about other univerisities that one might be interested in visiting one of these days is also super fantastic.
and Kate, the first book is about using computers for teaching children's literature - I wrote three chapters of this and if you're quick *grin* the pdf file of the text itself is linked from my site (without the prelims or index or anything though) you can read my stuff on MUDs, MOOs, palaces and the work I did with some teachers a long time ago now.
But my next book that is single authored is called e-selves. And then the next colleagial one is with col and michele and we're writing about "current research and practice in new literacies" but with a much kitchier title that Colin came up with" From Pencilvania to Pixelandia: exploring the terriotories of new literacies (or some such thing).

Did you both know that in your notes on flickr you can now add hyperlinks? I did it, its terribly exciting. now we have a photo with pop-up hypertext and hyperlinks to other photos - very multimodal.

One of the ladies I work with here has vreast cancer and is undergoing radiation therapy. I offered to pick up her mail and feed the dogs and whatever she wanted me to do but she said she was managing well. I would like to do more but for now I just send emails to make sure she knows somebody is thinking about her. It's kind of terrifying. Well it would be for me. Every time I get a migraine I go into a 'oh woe is me with no family or loved ones near by to comfort me'.

I was telling my ex-student Chris that he should definitely make himself a professional blog to supplement his personal one which is a tad wild. My blog and websites over the past few years have completely helped me stick with getting the PhD beast done.

And you know what else - reading other academic women's stories that resonate with my own experiences has really helped me too. Next time I'll make a proper list instead of writing you an essay :>

Kate said...

What a COOL essay Kate x

Joolz said...
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Joolz said...

Gosh lists do seem popular!!
Thanks for all the v interesting responses. When you think about all these sites you realise how much of the stuff we carry round in our heads comesfrom the Internet. And how if you area technophobe you miss out on so much ...

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