Saturday, May 28, 2005

Big Brother is in the UK

Oooh it was so exciting last night seeing them all arrive. I could not spot the winner at all.

I will be bringing people any juicy uptodate news as it happens, filtering out the boredom for you so that you only have to call in here. Obviously I will also be reading the tabloids for the summer period in order that I can triangulate the data given by housemates - and also save you having to go to the newsagents too.

I will be letting you know how I vote each week (and so far I want Lesley out as she entered the house wearing a porno nurse's uniform)

Obviously I really think there is
Something about Mary.

I think that the something may be her aura.

have to go .. BB about to start....

And before you start moaning ... I cannot be serious all the time. If it's boring stuff you want, then go here.


Anya said...

Is there a housemate called Saskia? I was looking through the stats at my blog and found that over ten people yesterday found my blog by googling the terms: "Saskia Big Brother naked"

How disappointing for them that they found my blog instead *chuckle*

We had a girl in a porno nurse's uniform doing a pole dance here - with only a g string on underneath and well... the scene has been aired repeatedly - with blurs over the offending body bits during g rated scheduling time, and in its full glory at other times.

Joolz said...

Hey yes there is a Saskia. Our Saskia is mainly looking beautiful at the minute, just letting everyone else make a fool of themselves. I have her down as one of the last five to survive.
I had not thought about Big Brother boosting my log visits .. now there's a thought!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joolz,
THis is not about bb, but we have been looking at the hoodies. And found Ampelmann hoodies!!
AMB, Amelie and Marie- Louise

Joolz said...

This is SO exciting (not to say very very important..
Wo sind sie? Internet? Habt Euch fotos?

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