Thursday, May 05, 2005


Finished my chapter for Rebekah and David's book: DIGITAL GENERATIONS. My chapter is called 'Hello newbie! *big welcome hugs* hope u like it here as much as i do!' An exploration of teenagers’ informal online learning.
It is about teenagers online and Communities of Practice and was based on a paper I gave last July (ages ago.) Aaaanyway I had to change a few bits (take out all references to school education) so now it has gone, hopefully never to return to me.
You may like to know I have referred to Anya's paper here a couple of times.

I am very excited as in two weeks will be meeting up with Sandra Weber.
She is really fab, I met her at the Digital generations conference last summer.
She has written a book about dresses.

Yes she has.


(I found this picture here!!)

But not only that ... she also is looking at the whole phenomenon of The PROM.

So it is a project about the prom dress and prom experiences and much more.
AND there is THIS PERFORMANCE PIECE about the academic robe.

So good. (You would not believe the laughs we have about gowns on graduation days!! We all have to put our gowns on and walk importantly on the stage as Mums and Dads (etc.) of people graduating take photos. We all love it really. Pomp and circumstance - so to speak.)

Ain't Cultural Studies great?

I bet you want to do some of her courses now don't you?

Well off I go now to vote Labour.

They better get in I tell you.


Kate said...

Yes, they got in Dor Joolz and ALL THANKS TO YOU.
Now I have more money from my wonderful Labour funded Creative Partnerships money to spend on you guessed...
One day I will tell you about my dress.
It has three layers and Dr Joolz will not believe it when she sees it.
Cultural Studies is so where it is at. Why do anything else ever?

Joolz said...

No reason to ever do anything else. Which is why Anya needs to apply for the job in Cardiff.

Anya said...

Congratulations on finishing your chapter!!! I can't wait to read it. :>

I wanna work in cultural studies - its definitely where everything is at. The job in Cardiff is in English and Communication - that's close enough don't you think?
I haven't applied yet... I am scared they won't want me *anxiety attack*

Anya said...

(PS: thanks for referring to me - unless of course you said : this person thinks x and obviously that is cr*p.)

Joolz said...

You ARE joking!! Of course they'l want you. And yes I think it is v near cultural studies and importantly it is not education so you would not have to go in a school. (I like the kids but hate the systems.)
And of course I agreed with everything you said (who wouldn't?!)

Anya said...

So I am going to quote that comment to them in my closing argument.

I should say, in closing, that according to DrJoolz,

"Of course your univresity wants Anya....who wouldn't?!"

(slightly edited to make more sense to my argument there.)
Will it convince them?

Joolz said...

Yes it will indeedy.

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