Monday, May 09, 2005

UK Children Go On line

New report out here

Off you go and read it now...


Kate said...

Gosh Dr Joolz keeps us busy.
I have been off task yesterday as I was at a multimodality SIG in Birmingham and singing the praises of Dr Joolz and Anya (ofcourse my on-line buddies) to Theo van Leeuwen who is leaving Cardiff ... for Sydney!
The world joins up.
Oh and I have just discovered The West Wing.
Why didnt anyone tell me?
its fantastic

Joolz said...

Oh No Theo is departing before we met.

No need to go to Cardiff now Anya!!

Anya said...

*chuckle* Thanks Kate! I hope I get to meet the great TvL!! What did you learn at the SIG? Tell all (please!)

Thanks for the link to the report, Dr Joolz. I am too scared to read it in case it already covers everything in my book and I have nothing left to write about!

Still thinking about Cardiff :>

Kate said...

I think you should go for Cardiff, Anya.
Theo was keen for there to be strong applicants and I said you were very strong.
You could wave to Theo as you cross in your planes.
There was a lot about digital stuff, including a project on ESOL learners' home digital practices.
Plus I learned that multimodality is a phenomenon and that affordances are connected to the object, and constraints are socially constructed.
I can't upload my paper because I am not Dr Joolz.

Anya said...

OOoohhhh thanks for the kind words Kate!! How nice of you!! Did you present a paper? Oh I am missing out *sniffle* Where is Kate's blog I want to know!?

Meanwhile, I have a picture of my Mr Big on my blog for the interest of both of you!

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